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The word “pill” originally was defined as an elongated, small solid, pharmaceutical oral dosage type of medication. These days, pills are comprised of capsules, tablets and variations of them similar to caplets. In essence any type of Medication that is commonly referred to as the category of pill.

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The term “Capsule” refers to a smooth coated, oval-shaped tablet that has the shape of capsules. Some caplets feature an indentation that runs down the middle, allowing them to be cut in half much more quickly. Since their beginning capsules have been seen by many consumers as the most efficient way to consume medicine.

This is why the makers of medicines like OTC analgesics who wanted to highlight the quality of their product, came up with “capsule,” or the “capsule”. A portmanteau of a tablet that is shaped like a capsule for the purpose of tying this positive connection to tablets that are produced more efficiently and also to provide more convenient to swallow rather than the traditional disk-shaped tablet.


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